What is your main business?

Our main business is rare gemstones from around the world, in various qualities. This site showcases a wide variety of options at all price ranges for purposes of collecting and gem testing.


Where should I start as a new collector?

Our pre-made collections are an excellent, affordable way to get into collecting. All sets are carefully selected by us to showcase gemstones based on their cut, colors, varieties etc. Have a look at our collections here: https://1001raregemstones.com/product-category/gem-sets/ we also have numerous collections in a more affordable range on our other website which can be found here http://www.10dollargems.com/product-category/mini-collections/ and here http://www.10dollargems.com/product-category/collections/


Can I trade up my gemstones for better stones?

If you have a small gemstone which you like to obtain in a larger size, Max Davis will allow you the full price paid on a gemstone bought from our company in part exchange for a better or larger stone of the same variety. If you bought a stone from another dealer and would like to upgrade we will offer you a price for a larger, more expensive stone of the same variety.


If I find a gem crystal I like, can you help me cut it into a gemstone?

Yes, if the mineral is not too soft, we can cut it. If you provide us a picture we can estimate if it is worthwhile to cut, and what the cost of cutting will be.


As I am just starting collecting, would you suggest I collect one size or shape?

Yes, if you were to pick the size and shape you’d like to collect we would suggest 5 or 6mm rounds as a wise choice to start with. You may find there are some that are unaffordable in certain varieties, so 5 or 6mm stones become a more cost effective option.


Is there any minimum order required?

No, there is no minimum order on this site, and we include FREE shipping in the US.


How does the order process work?

We use PayPal secured checkout for all orders on this site, and we ship most orders within 1 business day via USPS Priority Mail within the United States or via USPS Registered Mail for international delivery. If you have any questions about your order please Contact Us


I can’t find what I’m looking for, is this all you have?

No, we have much, much more. Go have a look at the form located at https://1001raregemstones.com/special-requests/ and select the checkboxes of the stones you’re interested in and we’ll be in touch.


Do you ever have sales or special promotions?

Yes, if you join our email list you will receive periodic emails about our special offers. You may sign up through the box at the bottom of any page on this website.