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When I started collecting cut gemstones nearly 50 years ago, it was almost impossible to find stones other than the twenty or so ‘precious and semi-precious’ stones available. As time went by, I started to purchase unusual rough material, and have the stones specially cut. Today the cost of doing this for an individual is prohibitive, especially if you want something inexpensive to start a collection.

I like to cut most stones in a round shape and 6mm is a standard size. Taken from the diamond 1ct size diamond is 6mm. And I like to cut most stone, I cut faceted stones and they look better. As all the different stones have a different specific gravity the stone can way as little as 0.35cts to as much 1.50cts the stone says the same size. There is over 200 different stones to pick from.

For this who are taking GIA or GG courses, these gemstones are ideal for testing and learning how to use your equipment.

30 years ago the stone on the market 30 years ago there were maybe 75 to 100 different Stones you may fine at that time. Today with all the new cutter that cut every mineral under the sun. There maybe over 3000 stones you may find on the marker mot of them are very soft and almost impossible to cut, they do the impossible and cut stones that are hardness of as lot as 2 ½ on Mohs’s scale. As you know all stone are on the mohs’s scale from 1 to 10, we all know the Diamond is 10, and Sapphire is 9, Topaz is 8 and so on.

A selection of less expensive stones can be found on our other website http://www.10dollargems.com/

If you have a special stone that you are seeking, please email me and I will do my best to find what you are looking for.
If you have gemstones that are too small or the stone is poor looking and you’d like a fine or bigger stone you can trade with us. I would be happy to work out a price and find the stone you need for your collection. Simply mention what you have and what you’d like on our contact page and I will be in touch promptly.

In addition to selling faceted stones, we also arrange for their cutting. If you have a piece of rough material you’d like to have cut, please contact us.

Max Davis


In 1963, Max Davis and his wife Margaret (owners of $10 Gemstones) went to school to learn about gemstones. Their teachers were among the most respected in the gem field: Mr. Robert Webster FGA (his book, “Gems” published in London 1962 was the most important of its’ kind at the time) and Dr Rutland FGA

In 1963, Margaret Davis FGA was awarded the Rayner Prize. In 1968, Max made his first Gem Folder. Copyright 1968 with 69 (he still has two fold in hand after all these years). The gem folder was shipped around the world. He then went to Japan in 1969 to sell rare gemstones and minerals. He also had a firm in England by the name of Max Davis Stones Ltd.

Max moved to the USA in the 1970s and started selling Amethysts. In addition, he became a fixture at various gem shows all over the world, in particular, the Tucson Arizonian.

This particular web site is to sell stones to collectors, hobbyists, jewelry artisans and also for gem testing.  We like to cut most types of stones in 6mm Round, as we’ve found it a good size to test and it is a standard size. Now, if you happen to be in the market for something inexpensive, we have many more at our other website: http://www.10dollargems.com/ You name the stone, we either have it, or we can find it for you. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.